is a service of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (the Alliance). The purpose of the web site is to provide good information from real homeschoolers to those who are beginning homeschooling or considering homeschooling and to help them to link up with the Christian homeschool organization in their state. Your state's Christian homeschool organization has been working with the Alliance to provide helpful information for you. Your state organization will help you find local support, and will help to educate, equip and encourage your homeschooling. You can find the Christian homeschool organization in your state by clicking here.

The Alliance is a tax-exempt organization which was founded to support the Christian state home education groups. The Alliance was founded in 2002, but its roots go back to 1988 and the first nation-wide homeschool meeting of homeschool leaders from state-wide organizations. Some of the ways that we support state homeschool organizations include:

  • An annual national training meeting that allows state leaders to meet, network and support one another.
  • A virtual office that allows leaders to exchange ideas throughout the year.
  • An e-newsletter to update state leaders
  • Working groups on various issues
  • Technical support of state groups functions
  • On-site training for state boards
  • If your Christian state homeschool organization would like to become affiliated with the Alliance, you can request more information at

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